Turn Your Manuscript into Money

Paths to Self-Publication:

  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Outsource
  • Combination

You need a plan with timing:

  • Author Platform
    • Website
    • Social Media
    • Build Email List
  • Critique
  • Editing
  • Conversion
    • eBooks
    • Print on Demand
  • Publisher
    • You
    • Publishing Service
    • ISBN
    • LCCN
  • Reviews
  • Book Launch Services
    • Giveaways
    • Blog tour
    • Social Media Blast
    • Email Blast
    • Advertising

Learn how to plan with the free eBook, Self-Publishing DYI: eBooks and Print on Demand by clicking below:


The Author Platform Root is the Author Website.

It is a place where those who you wish to ultimately buy your books receive something of value, something remarkable and memorable. You want them to remember you and trust your words when you debut your book. Your website must deliver something of value to them.

It takes a while to build a social following and an email list, so you must begin early. You begin with a website.

There are number of services that will provide you with a free website; however, they use it to run advertisements. Your viewers lose interest in your message and click away from your site to look at the ad.

Alternatively, you can have a custom site built by webmasters who don’t know the plight of authors. You can spend thousands on a custom site. Does it increase your fan base, increase your sales? I suspect not. Publishing Angel has a better answer.

See author website demo

Get a website

Not just a pretty face

There are many websites that are pretty with wonderful images, but do they increase your fan base? Many web designers are superior graphic artists with all the latest web gizmos, but do they have call to action buttons and other mechanisms to induce the viewers in engaging, following, sharing your links and ultimately buying your book. You need a website that encourages social media follows and shares, email opt-ins, blogs, behind the scenes looks, and more. Build your fan base to the ten’s of thousands. You need a website as the root of your book selling machine. Manuscripts to money, not just a pretty face.

A Publishing Angel Website provides the tools necessary for you to build an awesome fan base and sell your books.

Your author website must do the following:


·       Video Book Trailers Learn More

·       Giveaways Learn More

·       Great Blurbs and Excerpts


·       Social Media Engagement via Opt-ins

·       Email List Expansion via opt-ins & giveaways

·       Blogs/Behind the Scenes/Book Clubs


·       Convert viewers into fans

·       Convert fans into book buyers.

·       Convert your manuscript into money

See author website demo

What you get:

A Divi Themed WordPress powered website with:

  • Single page landing with main elements

  • FREE conversion of one manuscript to eBook formats (.mobi and .epub) ready to upload

  • Optional Video Blurb, Book Trailer Learn More

  • Slider with your back-list books

  • Ancillary pages with support, info, about, etc.

  • Giveaway page for email list expansion  Learn More

  • Email Opt-in popup, slide-in

  • Social Media Share buttons, slide-ins, popups

  • Social Media Follow buttons, slide-ins, popups

  • CTA buttons for retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble

DYI or monthly updates/revisions by us.

Multiple antihacking and antispam protection

Regular backup

Optional (free) Google Analytics

Optional PayPal page for direct sales

Hosting on a SSD based (fast) web server

Get My Website

Self-Publishing Services

RFW Publications can take care of your self-publishing services. Conversion for eBooks, Print on Demand, ISBN and Library of Congress Number issuance, and more

Self-Publishing Services

Blog and Comment


To sell books, you must develop an author platform, a  fan base. You need lots of fans. You get them by expanding your fan email list, twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc.  These fans must be well targeted, i.e., if you're a romance writer, a fan base littered...

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Survey Results

A recent survey of writers suggests that successful writers, that is, those that make more than a $5000 in the last 12 months from their books, do the following: Social Media presence (68%) Presale Marketing (58%) Solicit Reviews (59%) Special Book Launch (48%)...

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