Do I need to have a completed book?

No; however, you should have a title, a blurb description, a cover, and a target publication date

Why isn't a domain registration included?

When you invest in a domain name, you wan’t to be the sole license holder. You don’t wan’t anyone controlling what you will invest time and money in. Can you imagine if you held the rights to the domain name of “” or “”.

A domain registration is inexpensive at about a dollar/month. You want exclusive control of that domain name. Go to,, or¬†¬†Ensure you get Privacy so you don’t get bombarded with junk mail. It’s included on Google,

What if I don't like the website?

If, within two weeks of publishing your website, you wish a refund, we will refund your total purchase and delete the website. You will retain your rights to the domain name and all the content you provided.

Can I get help with the blurb or the video script?

Absolutely. We want you to succeed.

Where can I get a cover?

You can make your own with Canva or Amazon. With our self-publishing package, we will provide a cover.

My manuscript is a mess. Can I get help formatting it?

You can purchase software from The Repair Wizard (included) will help you fix the issues with your manuscript. Grammar Wizard will point out word usage and grammatical style issues in your manuscript.

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