The purpose of the giveaway is to build a fan base through viral Internet marketing.

The actor Michael Douglas said in the movie Wall Street, “Greed is good.”  Most everybody would like something they value free.  So, you should appeal to those desires and give them something free. You want them to forsake the privacy of their friends and colleagues, recommend you to everyone they know, all for a chance to win something free. You wan’t explosive growth in your email list.


A giveaway sweepstakes works like this:

  1. Determine your target audience. If you’re writing a novel, your target is readers of that genre. If you’re writing nonfiction, your target is readers of your specialty.
  2. Gather a list of email addresses, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media handles of people who part of the target audience.
  3. You want those on your target list to induce others to join, and surrender their email address, or social media handles.
  4. Determine a prize that the target audience values; however, as it says in the good book, DGMYSEIYAGBMB (don’t give me your stinkin email address if you ain’t gonna buy my book) needs to be a part of your plan. If you offer a new sports car, you’ll have a million subscribers, but how many will buy your book? Limit your prize to appeal to your target book readers, and no one else. While it’s impossible to screen out all the weasels who would get something free in hopes they can sell it on eBay, you need to limit that. Oh yeah, make it affordable, but a value high enough to attract your audience.
  5. How to induce them to give up their friends? Greed. You offer them 3 more chances to win for everyone they get to sign up. If they get 10 people to sign up, they get 31 chances to win. This is how it goes viral. Greed. You grow your email list and potential fan base.
  6. You select the winner at the end of the contest, award the prize.  You build your email list. You send informative newsletters to your readers, e.g., reviews on other books, in the genre, movie review, etc. Increase your fan base likes. Don’t bombard them with ‘Buy my book’. Build trust and value first.


There are a number of Giveaway apps, KingSumo, Gleam, and RaffleCopter. The cost anywhere from $13 per month to $200 one-time fee.


On your Publishing Angel website, the Giveaway is built-in at no additional charge.

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