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In a market of 4 million books, how do you stand out? What makes your book remarkable and gets a buzz going? Experts will tell you that a remarkable book cover is required, and an excellent blurb is also required.  Great! We’ve cut down the competition to maybe 2 million books.

Consider a video blurb/book trailer. Use it on your website, use it on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Use it on YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Now you have a chance; however, there are many book trailer videos that fall flat. They are boring. Often, a PowerPoint presentation converted to video with the narration text the viewer reads…boring. You need action, music, audible narration to grab the viewer’s attention and inspire them to buy your book. You need the equivalent of a good movie trailer you’ve seen at the local cinema.


The Publishing Angel Book Trailer Video Package

We produce a collaborative mp4 video of approximately two minutes. (Twitter limits 140 seconds), composed of royalty free stock images, video, and music. The video will include custom narration by a professional voice over artist.  Based upon your 250-word text blurb,  a questionnaire, and a book cover, we will create a preliminary video script.  Upon completion, we’ll setup an appointment to discuss the script with you on the phone. We look to you to choose underlying imagery (video and stills) from websites we can provide you, or you can leave it up to us. Your level of participation is up to you.

  • You’ll get a .mp4 video in High Definition.
  • We will upload the video on your behalf to YouTube and Vimeo.
  • If you have a Publishing Angel hosted website, we will upload and place your video.


Not Ready? Need more information? Let’s chat on the phone.

We will call you. Provide your phone number and a two hour block when you’re available between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Pacific time.
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